On this page i Tony Mac Crutchfiled will discuess my experinces with N Ford Tractors starting 2/15/1993 Hopefuly with tips that aid others in dealing with the new parts sold for them today.
With photos and, links to other websites with valuable information on rebuilds and maintaince.
Last updated 1/6/11 Please check back for more info to come.

Fitst Tip: "Never" trust anything a parts sales man tells You!
Second Tip: Never throw away an old part removed and replaced!
Third Tip: Do not assume a new part is what it is supposed to be. Even though it may look the same! A M.M. can mean the difference in winN the race or going home early with yard half cut!

Get a can of Motor Cycle Chain Lube from NAPA, Habor Freight, Agri-Supply, etc! Put a coat on every nut, bolt or any mating surface! It stops rust and assures easy removal 50 years later! Best to wait until You know repair is complete as it will not wash off with water! Even Dawn will have a hard time with it. When it is on You hands You can not hold on to anything! Anything You touch will need to be cleaned with 91% rubbing alchol witch will take the paint right off as well!

I start off with my current big problem:

N Ford Tractors stopping up the carb jets. Witch i have never had any problems of this type my self.
Until three years ago when i replaced the fuel delivery system with all new: tank, cut off value with a strainer on top inside the tank and, a strainer at the top of sedilment bowl, line, elbow filter and, carb. On a 1951 8N Ford Tractor. {top photo}

And again a year later on a 1942 2N Ford Tractor in the photo below.

I ran the 8N for less than 20 hours after a Pro Repair Shop engine rebuild with all new fuel delivery system. Parked her for six weeks. Then she would only hit for a few seconds first of each day. Cleaned out the carb to find a gummy brown goo stooping up the 9N-XXXX jet the long one in the middle of the bowl above 9N-ZZZZ main jet.
Only sing of any containment in the all new fuel dilvery system was a stringy film floating in the glass bowl when she was runing and a slight coating of the brown goo that would wipe right off with a paper towel. Nothing in either bowl screen or elbow strainer 9N-9553 or on body of carb.

I ran a 1942 2N for 5 years with rings so bad i had to change the plugs after 8 hours or they shorted out the coil. With a 1/3 of an inch rust in the bowl after 2 hours. Not once stopping up the carb! Until i replaced the fuel system with all new.
After 70 hours run time and six weeks sitting He would not start. Cleaned out the carb and, Tractor started first turn in 40*F temph with little or no choke!

I see a great many post on fourms such as Yesterdays Tatractor. Where folks are telling of the there fuel strainers not doing there job and lettting the carbs stop up! Where they get the "It got to be the dirty tank and, gas. Or they are met with ridicule. with such statments as. "Why would You think the N Fords need better? Fuel filters! Mine have worked fine for 40 years". Or "Never heard of any one having problems with them!"
BAD: "Advised to cobble up a very safe steal line with rubber hose and, plastic filters". That take less than a 10 second burn from a Bic lighter to have them molten, driping flames!
Yes this is standard practice in the auto industry BUT up under the hood to protect them. With what? A FIREWALL inbetween You and "BIG BOOM!" With tank well to the rear of driver. Not sitting over the gas line right by the 400*F? exaust manifold. In front of Your face! or able to drench one's pants legs with gasoline! {And ''DO NOT'' take that battery bomb for granted eithere!}

Some systemphos of a stoped up carb are lack of performance, going down hill causing engine to speed up, tractor trying to start for a few seconds each day, or not at all.

Left is an inline fuel filter i have used for 3+ decades on all my gasoline engines. Not one of them ever stopping up a carburator. Including a 12 HP Briggs and, Wisconsin a Honda FL250 using the same gas as the Ns get.

Center is the 9N-9553 N Ford carb elbow with strainer.
Right is the NPT fitting with senerated filter removed from plastic body and mounted into fitting. This keeps the Ns fuel system visually as it left the factory. With the added filteration the senerated filters have. And, one that will stop the carbs from stopping up.

This photo should shed all the light one needs to judge the strainer as: "WORTHLESS!"
Top is strainer found in the New 9N9553 Below is the senerated fuel filter from $2.00 inline eBay unit.
Both have the same 12 Volt lamp in the base.

More light on the subjects.

All it took to transplant the senerated fuel filter into the brass NPT fitting was jently pulling out the epoxyed in place strainer and, drilling out fitting to 9/32" Then soldering the sinerated filter in place.

{Easy industry fix/update! IF some one buying a few hundred of the 9N9553 Would request it.
I have only a very limited experince dealing with 2 tractors. Wonder why some one who says they are specialist in the filed. Servicing several each year ''REFUES!'' to see the strainers are not workN?}
From the 3 cutoff values and, elbows i have seen with screens glued in place. I say it does not work! It stick in the screen but will not hold it in place any better than if not used at all. Especially on units that have been in gasoline for any lenght of time. Not much better on the new ones.

Above is a older cutoff value with much finer screen than the new ones i am getting today or the bowl screens i can find today at NAPA, Car Quest, Oriley's, DCs, VB, N-Cpete.
Still has light passing right thru it.

Coming Next {notes to my self}: Front mounted distributer rotors, that break, withN minutes unless fitted into place.{Even those marked FOMOCO} Center contacter vaporising under A 40,000 Volt FlameThrower coil made but not reccomend by the Solid State ingition MFG. offered for the 9N, 2N Ford Tractor.
I did find inginition rotors at Dennis Carpartners that fit right out of the box, and have 70+ hours with With a 40KV FlameThrower coil! Chontactors on these Bendex part# go thud not thing when You thump them with a guitar pick.
And why i hole harted indorse the SSI units as to the 110 year old points type of ingition systems. Who one of my heros Tesla pattent rights! Tesla also holds 1928 patent rights on these new light bulbs replacing Edison's incandesent type.

Put a 105 Amp ONE wire marine grade alternator form DB-Electric on the Ns. It has screens to help reduce gas fumes form inginting. And, must meet the US Coast Gaurds preformance standards. You will need the 3inch X 3/4" pully? Witch i do not think they had. And, i got one off ebay. Just tell them it is goning on a N Ford. 1,500 RPM DB-ELECTRIC

Deck Height to make up for the 9N 2Ns lack of position i do not think is a good idea! I am having problems with the top link yoke and draft control pin breaking when i go over rough ground or hit a tree root. I do not think the top link was made strong enough to take the abuse of a BushHog bouncing up and down haging form it!
So as of 7/11/11 i am ordering an external Position Control kit.
While the ZaneThang is said by all to do a good job and work fine.

I found a kit that looks to be a much neater, cleaner design. Made by Red Rock Mfg They also have several other products that should have come as stadanard equiptment on the Ns

IF You like old N Ford Tractors then here are more photos for Your pleasure and service aids.

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