1958 to 1975

Crockett Sound Laboratory
Tony Mac Crutchfield
729 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA
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Vintage 58~85 Delco Radio Stereo Service Contact Page

The ' 'BEST!' ' way to find the answers to Your Delco questions or shop info is on this website! Where i have answered every question asked of me in the last 15 years. When i had the matter my mind! You will get MUCH BETTER info off my website than the top of my head!!!

Please remember this is now my HOBBY!

I hardly encourage anyone wanting "THE VERY BEST" restoration possible on there 1958 to 1985 Delco Car Stereo / Radio to contact me.

BUT! Please! Contact me only in regards of doing a restoration for You! I do not buy or sell parts or give tech advice unless it is in conjunction with one of my restorations!
Please put Your last name first then given name as the ONLY thing in SUBJECT line of ALL emails. [As You know there is more than one Smith, Brown, Jones, or Higginbottom, in this world.] This saves me from having to open several emails to find the one with the info i am looking for. And Please use ONLY ONE name the same one as unit was sent in under.}


Let me say THANKS to 99.99% of all who make my now ''H O B B I E' ' so rewarding and, understand that working on a radio takes my total concentration, for hours at a time! That i can not spend three or four hours on a radio have to pull out of it to answer the phone and then just pick back up where i was at. That it may take me days to get back to that point of where the phone range and, all the work i had just put in was lost.

Nor can i just pull out of working on a radio and be able to refocus my thoughts to be able to talk on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes.

SO: You will find the answers to every question asked of me with better thought and detail written when i had the subject on my mind, on this website.

''PLEASE!'' call after 2 PM Central IF You must! And, You only get 'ONE PHONE CALL PER RADIO included with my Basic Electronic Restoration $150.00 each after that.


IF i am deeply in the middle of working on a unit it is going to take 15 minutes for me to get my head out of it so i can INTELLIGENTLY! talk to You!

NO VOICE MAIL! NO PHONE MACHINE! If i do not answer please call back later. 731-696(From 2~8PMC)-4163 2PM~8PM M~F Central time.

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