COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio
Crockett Sound Laboratory
704 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA

As of 11/1/2016 COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio has shifted our main focus form finding funds for a building to record in to a Project where we get two minuets cuts from top stars of the World to help the hungry and, needy.
We hope to have so many top act that with there combined clout can ask for a once weekly simulcast air play on every music outlet in the ''WORLD''.

Put our self in others shoes. What can a child think when he is hungry, seeing his mother starving, while farmers plow corn into the ground to keep prices high. HOPE is all anyone needs to go on. So sad that many do not even have that.

Let the people of the world tell others DO NOT JUDGE US BY OUR LEADERS! We ALL love our children as much as You love Yours. We start by feeding those in need. Work on laughing at hate. Shelter, Goats for Africa, etc. Letting those in need tell us what they need.

The people of each nation ask leaders to find a way to stop the WARS! & RUMORS OF WAR They have not worked in 5000 years! For the cost of one weapon of mass destruction how many could be feed?

It is time for the people of planet Earth to come together as one! But to stop evil GOOD must be strong!

Think a "SHOEBOX" can not make you cry!

So let us try for one year to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

HELLO ! ! !

Singers, Song~Writers, Musicians, Fender, Gibson, Hammond B3~Leslie, Rock n Roll, Harley, Golf, Corvette, Music, Loving, "RED~HOT~YOU"
I am William Dewey Phillips III

Tony Mac got his idea for a recording studio down a Grand Maw's place! in Johnson's Grove TN but i will let him tell You~All bout that!

Early one morning as my School Bus driver Mr. Paul Fewell (Love You Mrs. Katie Sue!) was stopping the bus for Daddy~0~Dewey Phillips boys, long before we could see their home a heavy mist of woodsmoke filled the air! BUT what caught my eye was the long white lemo in front of Mrs. Dorthy's home only smoldering ashes left but there they were with a check form Elvis to make sure the sons of their friend were taken care of. Elvis was out in Las Vagus that night when he got word of the fire & he knew it was to far for him to make it in time, but he got back up Mr. George Klein & Mr. Sam Pillips in Crockett County Tennessee by Morning Dew! That is Love any way You can look at it.

Speaking of Elvis! and Crockett County Tennessee Mr. Theo Antwine my barber of 40 years told me "As a small boy on hot days headed home the school bus driver would stop under a shade tree and pull out an "OLD GUITAR" and play two songs then drive on, he had a million songs 'ONE BEAT' first time third lick I ever heard a Elvis song on the radio. I knew who it was playing that guitar. I heard that beat all my life & my old Gadsden Tennessee school bus buddy Scotty More! was tearing it up". If You don't know it is "WRITTEN" in the History Books that a Crockett County School Bus Driver gave Rock~&~Roll it's heartbeat! Love You Mr. Theo!
Gasden,TN. is 15 minuets East of the land we have for COTTONFIELDS 15 minuets West is NutBush,TN. Tina Turners home town. In between are 3,562 Miss America SONGBIRDS each capable of putting a man thru more hay~dies than he should be blessed with & intimidating any woman who ever set foot on the stage of the Grand~Ole~Opry

I have put one acre of land that has been in the family since 1802 into the studio project that is Studio Land so COTTONFIELDS will continue when i am no longer on earth. Left in good hands of Tennessee Concert Sound's Stewart Tritt.
Soon we hope to have a big announcement of adding the third member to our board of directors, one of the top live sound men of the industry! That we both call friend!

COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio was first to be built in and out of cotton field dirt! Using a 5000 year old secret of RAMMED EARTH BUILDING BUT in my studies i have also come across another building method of that uses mesh steal to reinforce 2in 3 to 1 concrete, so floor,walls and roof can be spryed together! In a close to indestructible building This seams to be less work and cost!!! Especially since I now have an Essick PG-12 mortar pump that will spray 9 cubic yards of material an hour, like spray paint! While i sit back and watch the building show up!

Cost projection for a 30X20X12ft room are in the $3K to $5K range. This is due to only needing 2in ferrocement walls & roof. And only needing a two man work crew. Most all labor will be done from the seat of a 1951 Ford 8 N i call Tractoriet. Rock, steal, cement is all that is left on our needs list. $20~$30K BUT seams like that Bs as i get so close to having the funds and then best laid plan of mouse and men go askgandeiseskeinasay!


Video of a stucco pump spraying mix. Much like the Essick PG 13 will do. Just set up 3 to 5 layers of re-mash then a backer of burlap, plastic etc to spray the mix on. Floor, walls, ceilings and, roof in one monolithic sprayed on building method. Then the plumbing and electric for a finished building. Concrete can be made to look like marble or log cabin, adding colour to the mix so no painting is need. Buildings built by hand in this manor are said to take Hurricanes and eat them for breakfast. Dome shapes will stand up to F5 Tornadoes!

COTTONFIELDS' Floor Plan at the bottom of page

Other good Building pages are:

Monolithic Domes

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Footing Fudamentals

Ferro House You Tube Video


A basic 30'W X 60'L X12' [shape of old movie theater except ceiling is tilted instead of floor] will yeila a 20X30 control room &, 30X40 studio with the same 5% offset on walls and ceiling to floor. Built in the best possible shape for acoustics. OKed by Legendary Memphis Tennessee Studio Builder Murphy Odom who grew up in the BlackWoods Brothers Studios &, another Man in i call friend legendary World Wide Studio Builder John Meredith credits on rebuilds at THE RECORD PLANT, ELECTRIC LADY LAND, ABBY ROAD.

Photo below is curtsy of

This is something like what COTTONFIELDS' ferrocement building is going to look like! With COTTONFIELDS on the side like the Flintstones scrip at top of page.


Where the main attraction is peace and solitude that gives them the time to think about there words & cords to get the song gust right away from the massive crowds of concerts, & headaches of honky thonky stake house clubs.

For all to soon the music artist will leave ole Crockett County,TN. behind and be back on the world's grinding wheel for there new showtime tour.

Above photos from Rich Landers' VHS demo filmed by Alamo,TN's Dave Colvett Productions in Trenton Tennessee's Pioneer Jamboree on his song "Sexy Eyes" later covered by Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane on his Freedom Flight album, on which Rich received produce and overdubs credits. Producer credits for video: Stewart Tritt, TonyMac Crutchfield, David Broady.

Nathen Whitlock aka Nate the Rat! to WWE fans!

Bobbie Whitlock

Lavon Helm of The Band

Eric Who?

Phillie Gal

Photos from a Bobbie Whitlock VHS video.
Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel


COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio
Crockett Sound Laboratory
704 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA

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We lost our good friend and ShareCropper WelchMan Dave Whitelock 1/14/2014 See You later!

COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio's Control Room Floor Plan.