Thomas A. Edison's Lost LATHE!

T.A. Edison's Former Equipment Lost in move to Pearl Street Generating Plant. $5M REWARD posted by H. Ford. In 1928? See photos below.

If You have a history book or other information on the lathe's story of item pictured on this page ""PLEASE!"" get in contact with me.

Have contacted:

Ford Motor Company Told they no longer had any interest in lathe and was no help in documenting story.

Library of Congress. Was told to contact Benson Ford Museum Talked to lady there but no word back.

Dr. Paul Isreal of Rutgers said to be Edison expert. Mr. Isreal said he never heard of this story.

Greenfield Village, Politicians, said i must get it authenticated. Given a list of those to contact all said the same thing. Ship it to us and let us take a look at it.

Smithsonian was emailed they called and wanted me to give it to them.

Modern Marvels, other History Channels shows, American Experience, WGBH PBS, any one i think that may have interest in story still no documentation.

PERSONAL NOTE 915/14: Why are those in charge of official records of this story AFRAID to even try to help me find the photos "I SAW" and the story i tell about Edison's Lost Lathe to get me those photos? and documentation?
And now keep telling me "There is no way to prove what i say"!? Seams to me the first place to start would be to compare History Book Photos with item i have? And words i write? I am not afraid to do so! Why are You~All!

IF in 2002 the lathe still had not been found. Why would anyone with an interest in the truth of history or, half a brain not at least want to take a look at what i have?.
To all of those who say NA! I tell You i or the Crockett County Officials who get the lath on my passing will one day find a lost history book and "RUB YOUR FACE IN IT!" tmc.

Just as Edison & Tesla did with Your forefathers! You are not going to be able to hide the truth for ever. And public disgrace will follow You the rest of Your days!

Mary had a little lamb & every one knows where the lamb went!. Thomas A Edison had a little lathe & for a long, long time nobody has known where Tom's lathe went. In 1967 i saw a history film and, book with photos of the little lathe with the most famous foot print in history, holding experimental fulfillment strands for the first practical electric light bulb. Then in the rush from Menlo Park to Pearl Street Station in 1880 the little lathe was lost.

1928 Henry Ford tried to find the little lathe by putting up a $5 Million Dollar with interest reward! but he never got to see the little lathe except for the history book photos.

2002 i Tony Mac Crutchfield found Tom's lost lathe! that i told my Dad in 1968 that i wanted! Found it on ebay for $59.88 + $8.25 UPS shipping.

More words after photos.


In 1928 Congress declared all Edison artifacts National Historic Treasure. After learning Edison had given the prototype of the phonograph to Great Britain they were told the United States wanted it back or ''WAR'' GB replied $5M or ' 'WAR' '. Edison's friend Henry Ford put up a: FIVE MILLION DOLLAR REWARD with interest for the hand cranked lathe Edison used as he worked on the filaments of the first electric light bulb. It was last seen when it was packed up for the move to the Pearl Street Generating 1880s?

My knowledge of the lost lathe started in 1968 freshman high school, first period study hall. I was kicked out for talking and, sent the librarian. I had already made a service call with my uncle to her house and, he made me work on their TV. So Ms. Nancy Lambert sent me to the film room to show a film on T.A. Edison working on the light bulb. When i saw the lathe i knew that was the coil winder i was looking for!

I already had a three years working on Delco Car Radios and one year as a certified field repair tech. And realized that a larger number of components were nothing but bobbins wound of solid copper wire, coated with a varnish. And i wanted to know how to be able to do that so that by the time i got to be 50 i would be able to service the radios on GM great classic cars that they full expected a 57 Corvette to be worth at least $20,000.00.

Could not wait to get to the TV Shop and, talk to my dad about the lathe. For two weeks the lathe was all that was on my mind. Finally my dad told me to shut up about the dang lathe!

February 2002 the History Channel aired a TV show that at the end told the same story and black & white photos from same film and book i viewed in 1968.

April 2002 I found what is either the lathe in the history books or is a clone of it? On eBay when i found it up for auction i was looking to rewind a 6 Volt light coil on my 79 Honda Odyssey adult go kart to 12 Volts and i said to myself. Self Edison's lathe's jaws would do a perfect job.

When i opened up the auction it had just been listed. I had one of the worst sinus headaches of all time. AND DID NOT REALIZE WHAT WAS IN FRONT OF ME! However I did lock in on Cranky and knew i had to win this auction.

I did, i think it was on Wednesday, Thursday i received the UPS tracking code and was told it was in transit. Friday i put the check in the mail!!!! Monday morning about 2 AM headed to the bathroom in a completely dark room. I saw the photo in my mind eye on eBay and it hit me! Wow! That is Eddy's Little Lost Lathe!

And, to me one of the most unbelievable parts of the whole story is that i actually had enough money to spend on the lathe and put food on the table for the rest of the week.

And, Yes Gorge Norway! i have another part of the story that will only be told on CoasttoCoastAM

IF Edison's carbon filament lamp had never been invented. How many years would it have been before Vacuum Tubes would have come into existences?

Can anyone tell me WHY? all books older that 1962 were DISCARDED when the AHS library was moved to the new Consolidated high school? Could it be so [THEY] could rewrite history? What could they have be thinking with?

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